Friday, 18 July 2014

Ribbon Garland

Ribbon Garland

I just thought I would share some photos of me preparing some decorative bits to fit in with a very important day next week. I have arriving tomorrow some beautiful party decorations but I thought I would just make a start on a ribbon garland I wanted to make. 
As you have probably guessed, we have a selection of muted colours in our house. Nothing very brash or bright, just nice calming tones of minks, pinks, beiges, greens and whites. This makes it hard for buying decorations for little boys birthdays as I am a bit picky with the style. I feel at this age, the decoration is probably the thing that will go un-noticed, he will care more for his gifts. So I have decided to decorate in a way that will compliment the house. I just thought I would explain that before you question, 'Ribbon Garland?' 

As you can see I went for a mix of summery pale colours. These I bought from Boyes in town and they were in little bundles being sold at 40p. They range in lengths from 2-4 meters and they don't have a label on so it is a bit of a gamble. I bought 7 different ones. 

To make the garland you first need to measure the length for the main ribbon. You might want to put a loop in each end so you can hook it on to a nail or an edge. 
Then you simply cut your ribbon to whatever length drop you want. This will be halved though as you will be tying the ribbon onto the main length, so don't cut it to short!
Then for tying you can either do a knot or I did a loop and pulled through. Then just keep adding the different ribbons and build it up.

You will need quite a bit. I used all of the ribbon, so that is somewhere around 20 meters for a medium sized mirror.

I love the finished effect. With the roses, carnations and a bit of blackboard detail, its all coming together nicely! Can't wait to show you the finished room!! Keep an eye out on Monday eve for that post!!

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