Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A No Passport Resort

A No Passport Resort

So we have been stressfully waiting for the kids first passports to arrive. To keep it short and not go into too many distressing details. We called. They lied. We thought we would have them. Now we don't. But.... After a call today we will have them soon!
To take our mind of this stress and our lack of attending a family holiday in France, we took ourselves off to the beach yesterday. We went to Sutton on Sea which is quite a small beach town along the Lincolnshire coast. Some family friends had a beach hut and were going over and so was my mum so we joined them. The beach itself was unnoticeably heaving, just nicely filled with children on summer holidays.  The lovely thing about Sutton is that it has a pool area just off the beach itself which is full of children enjoying the clear water. Our kids loved splashing around in it even if it was freezing! There was also a lovely little park and around all that was sports court facilities that you could use and play on. It was beautiful in the sun and we stayed for most of the day. I think Raph had fallen asleep as soon as we clipped his seat buckle! He played all afternoon in the sand, which was a first for him really. He has been to the beach before but has not been of an age to appreciate playing in the sand!


As our passports were not remotly close to us this morning we decided to come to Woodhall Spa's beautiful Jubilee Park. This is where we came last week for Raphs birthday! It is gloriously hot and as Etta sleeps and Raph and Rob are in the water, I am sat writting this blog. Today it is busy, we had to que to get in and they have ended up having a one in one out system in operation. You wouldn't know though. The pool is obviously full of screaming kids but on our picnic blankets, it is a distant sound of summer holiday fun being made and children being children. It is so beautiful here, I feel so relaxed. And the fact that as we pulled up we had a phone call from the passport office saying they will be ready soon, we are in a much happier mental place. 

So here in the sun, we could easily be in France, but its nice that a delay in holiday has resulted in some beautiful family time together really enjoying the British summer time and been thankful that we live in an area where holiday doesn't mean you need a passport.

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