Monday, 7 July 2014

Bit box

Bit box

As a property owner, you always have some tinkering or maintenance to do. I have aquired/bought quite a lot of tools over the years, but my favourite piece of kit is my bit box. Every job I do involves it. Everyone who sees it is impressed by it & it is definitely Raph's favourite thing to play with. I like to keep it organised as it saves so much time finding what you need in it. Once & ONLY ONCE did I not close it properly & all of the contents fell to the floor & mixed together. I felt like crying!
Luckily I have a very kind Mother in law & sister in law (Kizzy) who took pity on me & spent a good half hour helping me re-sort it.
My advice is to get yourself a bit box & as you aquire more screws, plugs, bolts & bits & pieces it will become your essential place to go for all of our jobs.


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