Sunday, 6 July 2014

Midi Into Mixi

Midi Into Mixi

Turning an old midi dress into an on trend two piece.

I have had this midi dress in the wardrobe for years. I remember buying it from Primark and it was about £13. I think I have worn it once out for dinner with friends and haven't worn it since. What with pregnancies and less and less nights out, it has just sat there.
Originally I got the thought to turn it into a midi skirt as I am loving them at the moment then as I made my design in my head, I thought, no, a two piece!!
This was a really simple method. Mainly because of the style of the dress in the first place. As it is figure hugging I didn't need to taper it to fit my waist. Less shaped dresses you will have to do this.

First I cut straight across the dress. Positioning the cut in the high waist area. You will be folding the fabric in on itself for hemming the elastic in so think about that when you are positioning it.
Then I turned the top inside out and folded a thin hem and sewed in a running stitch all the way round. Leave a bit of a tail of thread as with jersey fabrics you will just need to pull the sewing through the material by stretching it. (This is to stop that annoying ripping sound that you get when you are pulling on a fitted top.)The tail of thread just allows for it to move into position as you pull the fabric to put on. You only do this once then it should be in position. Once done cut the remaining off.

For the skirt fold a deeper hem to allow for the width of your elastic to fit through. Sew around but leave a good inch gap for threading the elastic through. Again also leave a bit of a tail for the tread to expand to as you stretch it into place.
I suggest using a think elastic. An inch or more wide to make sure it holds up. Thread it through and then sew the two ends together to the appropriate length to fit round your waist.
One threaded you can sew across the gap you left.
Then voila! A very trendy two piece or two pieces that you can wear a lot more as you can now mix and match them with other items!!
I don't know when I will wear it next but it was fun making and dressing up in it tonight!

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