Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Just A Bit More Painting!

Just A Bit More Painting

So you all are now aware of my love for updating furniture. It will come as no surprise to you when I tell you that I have spent the day painting after being inspired by my sister-in-law. Over at Bunty Living my sister has been raving about the beauty that is Annie Sloan paints. I have heard of her and used some of her tester pots for small projects that I have picked up in places, but after seeing a beautifully updated coffee table in Annie Sloan's Paloma paint (@Bunty Living) I felt inspired to see if there was a close stockist of the paint and try some out on some bits at home.
To my surprise there was a shop on Steep Hill in Lincoln just a few doors up from our flower shop.

Top To Bottom is a beautiful little gift shop who had just recently started stocking the paint as they had developed a love for them and have been using them to create some beautiful bits of furniture. After having a long chat with the lady who runs the shop, I picked out a couple of paints and some Annie Sloan Wax. I also went for Paloma and a beautiful pink called Antoinette. These two colours are so romantic together and will hopefully bring a bit more colour to our home.
With the paints I got a really good information sheet by Annie Sloan on how to use the paint to create different effects! I will not be loosing that!

It was hard leaving the shop with just the paints though as there were loads of beautiful home 
accessories that I know would have looked good somewhere!

I have wanted to do the coffee table legs for some time but didn't want to paint them the same grey as the rest of the furniture. The Annie Sloan Paloma paint seems to be just what I needed to add another depth of colour to our scheme.

The pink Antoinette was for the dining furniture which I have wanted to do but hadn't found the right pink. I wanted to create a bit of a colour palette of white, greys and pinks between each of the dining chairs. Just to add a bit more fun. I did one in Paloma also.

As I had already used a lovey Fired Earth blue/grey colour for Raph's high Chair, I was pleased to create a romantic look using a selection of soft country colours.

I am really happy with the result and am tempted to paint another chair pink but I don't want to overload the look. It sits really nicely with the other colours in the room and gives just a hit of girly into the country/ city/ homemade mix that we have going on here.

So thanks Bunty for the tip off, but I feel you have lead me down a slippery slope.......what to paint next!!??

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