Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Fresh Flower Headdress - Living Fairies

Fresh Flower Headdress - Living Fairies

We went on a walk this morning at around 8am as we were all up early and it was so warm and beautiful. I decided yesterday on my walk home from work that we were going to make some ivy and fresh flower headdresses. I had it all designed in my head, and as I walk past the reams and reams of ivy flowing over people's fences, I decided that I would bring the kids out and see if we could collect things to use.
Once out, I got Raph on task and he was collecting little bits. We went down a public footpath and found a few wild stems. We also picked a couple of sweets peas that seemed to have got tangled up weeds overflowing from under a fence. We didn't need too much as we have flowers in our garden so we came home and picked a few of them also.
To start me off, I wired two lengths of ivy together. I didn't cut the wire off the roll so I could use the same long strand and just keep wrapping it round. As I wrapped the ivy together I started to add in the stems of flowers. I knew I had only enough to just do clumps on one side, but if you have an abundance you could just go all the way round. 


As you can see, I just kept adding a stem and wrapping the wire round, not pulling to tight so I didn't break the stems. Once I had finish the flowers I cut the wire and just twisted it into the mass of strands.
I then got the two ends of ivy and joined them together with some wire, making sure the circumference fitted around all of our heads.
I wired them in place and then just wrapped whatever tail of ivy was left around and slotted it into the headpiece.
We then had a lot of fun posing in the garden and running around like little fairies. Raph loved his, he wore it for ages, I had to bring him in in the end as he was getting all hot and bothered running around!
Sorry there is a lot of photos, I just thought you might enjoy them all!!


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