Tuesday, 15 July 2014

FREE Flowers

FREE Flowers

Yesterday my mum and I went for a walk down the lane by their house to put the world to rights and chatter about recent events.
I was very compelled to try and make myself a free posy out of whatever wild flower I could find. If you look down the lane, you can hardly see any colour, so you wouldn't think that there was anything that I could use to make something. To our surprise though, we came back with a beautiful wild posy of flowers. 
It just shows you what is out there if you just look properly. I put it in a jam jar when we got back home and added a ribbon. I wouldn't think they will last for more than a few days, but if you knew you were having a party and you lived somewhere where you could go for a walk in the morning, what a cheap way to decorate!

(You might of noticed the roses, they were added from my parents driveway!! Its outside the house garden still!!)

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