Tuesday, 1 July 2014



If you are feeling like you want that festival feeling this summer but cant get tickets or afford to go, why not make your own!! Don your wellies, grab a floral headband and get ready for a festival garden party!
You don't need much, just friends and family, nice food and music, and you are off on your festival journey!
This method is a lot easier than the mud fest that might happen and at least you can sleep in your own bed! Yes it might not have the excitement, acts or opportunities to dance till dawn, but I am sure the fun you will have with your family and friends will be just as memorable!!

Here are a few festival feeling pieces that will get you through a garden party! You could also decorate by tying ribbon in trees and hanging fairy lights. Get some good easy food, and if you know anyone with musical talents ask them to preform a bit! Easy!

Flower headbands both ASOS, Stag Rug and Fishbone Blankets Baker + Bell,Wellingtons (children's and adults) Hunter Boots, Cup and Mug Cath Kidston, Sky Lanterns Amazon

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