Monday, 7 July 2014

Extra Cupboard Shelf

Extra cupboard shelf

Emily has started collecting jam jars for us to use as drinking glasses. The Tesco finest jams & Bonne mamon ones are a really nice size for a nice afternoon tonic, ginger ale or as Raph says; ''icy juice''.
I was putting all the additional glasses away the other day, stacking them where necessary & I just thought; ''An extra shelf is what we need!''
Emily was out & I was just watching the footy while the kids were in bed, so I got my drill & bit box out & got to work. I emptied the cupboard & raised the 2 shelves above to give just enough room to fit one more shelf. I had a piece of painted white timber in the shed which was the right width (never throw wood out) so it just needed one cut to the depth of the existing shelves. Then I held the shelf up with a small level on it, mark the top & bottom on each side & just drilled through 2 holes on each side & countersunk for the screw heads. Place the shelf in again & screw it up. Quick hoover out, Place your glasses back in & you're done.

Only took an hour & sometimes you live with things that are not ideal & frustrate you daily. Simple changes can be really rewarding & you can impress your lady (or man if suffrage isn't dead in your household) with your handy work when they get home.

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