Saturday, 12 July 2014

Just Dad & the kids

Just Dad & the kids

Emily is at a friend's birthday spa weekend, which is great as I can just look after the kids & be excused from doing anything! Sometimes it's difficult to get a lot of time with the kids in the week & if I'm back late from work they can be grumpy & ready for sleep. So it's nice when I can to get real quality time. We've had a lovely day today & it's been so hot.

It started quite early with Raph, Etta & I in the usual sleepy sofa fashion. I actually love getting up early with them as I don't like wasting time in bed, especially in summer. Then it was morning cuddles with mum in front of the tv on the new bean bags she made.

After breakfast and lots of playing, we went to drop Emily off for her night away, via a trip to Daisymade ice cream parlour/farm (Em will do a post on this). Then it was home for some rests, lunch, more play outside & plenty of washing in between as it's so warm. We also made some banana milkshakes as we had some that needed eating up. The water was so cold but very refreshing. They love splashing

Then we came inside as it was time for tea. Etta ''helped'' me cook some chicken & they both ate lots while the chips were cooking in the oven. I served the dinner in baking paper so it felt like we were having proper chippy chips. All kids love this! (or newspaper if you have it). 

Then it was time for bath, milk, books, prayers & bed time. It was a real fun, silly day today with lots of smiling, play & little clothing! Thanks kids for giving me such a nice day off!


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