Monday, 7 July 2014

Confirming Family

Confirming Family

If you are not a Catholic you may not get the point of this post, but if you have family, then you will.
Tonight we had a service in the church called a Confirmation. This is when young teens take on their faith for themselves and bravely accept that they are choosing to live a Christian life. We, as Catholics, are baptised but it is our parents who choose that path for us, and tonight happens so that child can now make the choice for themselves. My youngest brother, and the last of my parents children, took part in this tonight. It is a evening of family coming together to support their child's choice to follow Christian teaching. There were 12 children who took part and all had their families and friends gathered to support them.
It was the end of the ceremony that was the most special. It was the first point that the parents could get to their children since before they left them at the beginning of the service. There was lots of hugging and kissing and a genuine feeling of pride coming from a church full of smiling faces. It really showed the support and love that was had for these children and the atmosphere was that of huge excitement as the children congratulated each other and thanked teachers and priests.
What a beautiful sight to see family working. Not just your biological family but the church family. I didn't know most of the children or their families but I recognised their faces from going to church regularly and I just felt so happy for them all. Whoever you smiled at they all just smiled back in unity of witnessing what had happened.
After the service there was a lovely dinner put on, and again, everyone was buzzing and as the children sat with their families, they were the centre of attention and the celebration was clearly for them.
In the most loving way, tonight has shown one of the true reasons why we are Catholic and why we live this faith. It brings out one of the most fundamental pillars of what a human being needs. Love. That is all. And for extra measure, family.

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