Friday, 4 July 2014

Using Scraps For Toys

Using Scraps for Toys.

All those scrap cut off bits of material from all those pillows I have been making have finally been used. 
I decided to make some children's throwing bean bags that they can play with. They will be great through the summer to use in the garden. Grab a bucket or hula hoop and get the kids to practice their throwing skills.

These were so easy to make, and use up scrap pieces really well.
You basically need to cut two pieces to the same size, square or rectangle, whatever you can make out of what you have got.
Then sew around all the edges leaving a small gap to allow you to fill up the bag.
Turn the bag inside out, thus making it the right way round and push out the corners.
I have just used up all our rice that was in the cupboard as a filler, lentils would be a fine alternative too.
Then tuck the edges of the hole in on themselves then sew across thus locking the filling in.
There you go!

I thing I might be popping to the market to pick up some coconuts and make a homemade coconut shack!!

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