Monday, 21 July 2014

Thank God For Friends

Thank God For Friends

The love that I have for my friends is indescribable. I have a certain number of truly good friends. Some of them are in the same friendship group, some are individuals. They all are from different parts of my life and have truly helped me become the person I am today.
It's amazing to think that individuals can do that. Change you and touch your heart. 
I think of the times I cried over essays, or struggled in work. The hugs we gave to spurr each other on. All of it so meaningful. All of it done with love. 
 I cant help but smile when I see our younger selves in photographs 'partying' and how we now 'party' in a more sophisticated manor. Growing up with like minded people around you makes life so much easier.
 I only have one friend who shares the same religion as me, and a couple share the same beliefs. But I luckily have friends who accept me and my views, who would support all the choices I make and who would allow me to grow and develop my own persona in my own time.
I have just got back from a hen party of a close friend who is getting married soon. Actually on my birthday, but that doesn't matter! And I feel so compelled to write about the happiness I felt in being together. I find that friendship is an important necessity in life. To be able to talk to someone about whatever might be on your mind really allows you to escape from the things that might be troubling you. Whether its relationship issues, child related problems or just discussing concerns about life situations, my true friends are happy to listen and offer advice. 
I am really lucky that I have friends who are all in different stages of life. Single ones, engaged ones, married ones, friends with no children and friends with a few children. I find I can talk to all of them about the same things, and they talk to me about all things. Even though we might be in different stages of life, we share the same interests and passions and this keeps us together. 
I really do Thank God for friends.

(The last 8 years with my friends from University)

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