Saturday, 12 July 2014

Little Ducks Splashing Around

Little Ducks Splashing Around

I thought I would share with you a little something we like to do on a weekly basis. For quite a few months now we have been enjoying attending Puddle Ducks swimming lessons. These are lessons that run for newborns up through to older children. They are wonderful half hour splash sessions where the kids learn how to move in water. Unlike the traditional swimming lesson where they would learn an action like breast stroke, they are more focused on skills. Etta and Raph absolutely love it. As Raph was older when he started, it has taken a bit more time to see him get in to it, but in the last 3 months of us going, you can see how he adores getting in the water and following the instruction of our tutor Jo. In his class, Little Dippers, we are focusing on them controlling their actions, kicking, pushing from the wall, directions, exhaling underwater and being safe in the water. The whole lesson takes part where the water deep enough so the kids can't touch the floor. They are holding on to the edge on their own, jumping in safely, and developing an understanding for reaching for safety, e.g the wall. They swim around on floats independently at 2 which I just find amazing and also enjoy swimming through hoops or just singing along to the different splashing songs.
Etta is doing the same, but for here there is a lot more focus on survival skills. So if she
fell in water and was in a situation where she needed help, she is being given the skills to react. There is a lot of pushing from the side then turning them and getting them to reach back to the side. It helps develop the notion of heading back to where they came from if they ever got into difficulty. It is building it all inside their head so as they grow up, it will be their first initial reaction to turn and head back.
Both children also spend time being pushed under water by the tutor and across to me. This is amazing to watch, they don't panic at all as there are specific steps you follow before you do any action, so the child knows what's coming.
Ah, there is so much I could talk about, but what Rob and I have found and loved is that weekly routine of going and spending time in the water with the kids. Seeing how much they enjoy it and knowing that this is building skills that will last them for the rest of their lives.
We know that we are the water holidaying type of family so for us, this is a vital skill that they will have to learn so why not start as early as possible? We know for us, both children's water confidence is at an all time high and going swimming on our own time really shows how much they have absorbed from the lessons.
I know there are a few companies offering swimming lessons, but Puddle Ducks has really suited us.

Find out more about Puddle Ducks Here

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  1. Hi Robert, what a lovely post, I think you've described the classes beautifully. Good luck with your classes and enjoying your time together.
    All the best, Cathy


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