Friday, 25 July 2014

Making an Easy Apron

Making an easy apron

This is the simplest way to make an apron.

You will need a piece of fabric measuring 20in by 28 in and some binding/ canvas ribbon or something to make the band out of.

First iron over a small hem around the rectangle and pin for sewing. I folded over the edge then folded again.

Then sew the hem around every side of the rectangle, this will make the fabric stop fraying.

After that measure how long you want your waist band to be, mine was 2 mtrs.

Place the ribbon on top of the apron making sure it runs across the middle and that both sides have equal amounts on for the tie.

Sew this straight across the top sandwiching the band and fabric together. Then go along the bottom sewing together making it nice and sturdy.

On each end of the band, make a small turn up and hem to stop fraying.

Then get it on and enjoy a bit of cooking or cleaning in style!! 

Post by Emily 

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