Monday, 14 July 2014

Garden Rhubarb Crumble

Garden Rhubarb Crumble 

Between doing the washing and playing with the kids I made a rhubarb crumble today.
We have a massive rhubarb patch in our garden that has been here since before we moved in. In the early years we tried to get rid of it but in the latter years, we now appreciate the beautiful fruit it gives us.
I have always been a crumble eater. Mainly apple, as my parents have 32 apple trees so we always had an abundance.
You can pretty much make crumble out of any fruit. Probably not banana though! We often make it if we have lots of fruit that is going over, like pears or peaches and mix them with a few apples and blackberries, it all makes a nice fruit crumble.

For stewing the fruit I simply cut it up, put in a big pan, add enough water to cover the fruit and add a good splash of sugar. I use Vanilla infused sugar that I made myself out of the same Vanilla pods that we gave out as wedding favours. We had a recipe attached to each pod for making vanilla sugar so guests could create a lasting memory of our day. 5 years later, the pods I had are still going strong!
Then just bring it all to the boil. Once the fruit is soft, it is ready.

I have always used a BERO recipe for the crumble topping. It is very easy.
50g of margarine
100g of self raising flour
50g of sugar

I usually make double quantity as I always have lots of fruit, and to be honest, love crumble topping!! I also add in a generous handful of oats and chopped nuts for extra flavour!

Measure out all the ingredients. Then put the butter and flour in a bowl and using your fingers rub together until it makes a  bread crumb like mixture.
Put in the other ingredients and mix well.

Then get a baking dish and put the fruit in the bottom and a thick sprinkling of crumble mixture across the top. 
Place in a hot oven at 190 0C and cook for 30 minutes until the top is a golden brown colour. I always put mine on a baking tray just incase of fruit overspill!! 

We would usually have it served hot with cream, but custard is also delicious!

If you want to find more BERO Recipes look here! 

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