Saturday, 7 June 2014

So Much Furniture!

So much furniture - so little time!

So more quick and easy updating of old bits.

Again from my Mother's (her house is a treasure trove!). I got an old high chair. Some screws were loose in the back but Rob quickly sorted that out for us. I wanted to make it fit in more with our colour scheme so I used a bit of old paint that was my brother's (sorry Ed and Bunty). It was a Fired Earth paint in Ultramarine Ashes, a grey/blue shade that painted really easily onto wood.
I also painted our old decorating stool. I forgot to take a before picture but this was pretty covered in paint.

I sanded down the pieces to start with, trying to even the edges where paint had chipped off . By sanding it I also made a rough base for the paint to stick to.

I then painted both seats. They only needed 2 coats each.

I wanted to make them a bit more decorative so I made some seat cushions. Now if you read the Reviving an old bench post, you will see I used the same method. I sandwiched wadding between two pieces of fabric. I also put tabs on these so they would stay on the seats.

Here is a recap on how to make the cushions.

Cut your top and bottom pieces to size. Then cut your wadding to the same size. Place your wadding on the bottom, then your top piece (pattern facing up) and then the bottom piece (pattern facing down) pin around the edge. To put tabs on, place where you want them and stuff ribbon inside the two fabric pieces leaving just a bit over hanging. You will sew these on as you go round. Make sure you leave a gap so that you can turn the fabric and wadding inside out (actually making it the right way round). Once turned, fold the fabric in on itself where you left the hole and stitch up.

I used this same method for both pieces.

Once the cushions were made, I attached them to the seats and Voila!

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