Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Zara's Sweet Shop Jackets

Zara's Sweet Shop Jackets

Left to right, Pink Biker £59.99, Stripe£49.99, Blue Blazer £79.99, Parker £39.99, Yellow Coat £99.99, Pink Jacket £79.99

After looking through my newly downloaded Zarahttp://www.zara.com/uk/ App I was struck by just how gorgeous some of their new jackets were. I have been a fan of Zara for some time now and recently had a bit of a shop in the Swiss branch when we were over in the spring. After looking through some of their items I thought I would share some of their jackets with you. The amazing thing about Zara jackets is you can pull them on with a white tee and they just look amazing! I have a couple of them and also bought a couple whilst I was browsing. I think they wear really well and for a busy mum, sometimes a nice tee and jeans is all you can manage to get on, so a few nice jackets that you can interchange between outfits is a necessity.

Anyway I hope these inspire you. I bought this gorgeous pink biker jacket which I did try on recently but they didn't have my size. Wear with a white tee and jeans. Sorted! This beautiful grey one looked so easy wearing and a bit girly with the beautiful frill. The camel coloured one I thought would look gorgeous with a white summer dress or white jeans and just give a, 'I've been on Safari' look! I can't wait for them to arrive. I much prefer buying things online and trying them at home as I can try them with lots of different outfits and actually see if I will wear them lots. Sometimes you end up buying an item and realising that most of your wardrobe doesn't go with it so you end up never wearing it. I like most of my clothes to inter-match so I wear everything.

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  1. The jacket was exactly as was shown. I had a great buying experience. Too my surprise the jacket is tailored to your fit. Unbelievable. They will contact you w easy instructions to take your measurementsjacket designer


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