Monday, 9 June 2014

Plastic Box Fun!

Plastic box fun.

A few months ago I created a great play station for Raph to enjoy indoors. 
I simply got a long and low plastic storage box and filled it with sand.  We put his diggers in and he played for ages just pushing the sand around. It pretty much was a sandpit but inside.
I then started thinking about how you could theme the box so I brought some gold coins so we could dig for treasure and I also got  some plastic animals and slices of wood so we could build animal kingdoms. 
One day I decided to fill it with water instead, I know, danger of spillage, but because I have always put it on a large sheet of PVC fabric I wasn't too worried. I had some really nice pebbles that I put in the bottom and some little toy fish. We have used it as a car was too and done some fishing in is with small sieves. It can be used with any kind of theme.
I must say, development wise it is great, Raph is experimenting and developing his imagination, and Etta is developing her sensory skills and fine motor skills. 
It is really enjoyable and an easy play alternative of indoor play. We have taken it outside and it is great but it is really good for rainy days or days when it is too hot to be outside.

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