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Keeping Children's Memories

Keeping Children's Memories

My mum had these books for each of us that she would fill in with pictures and achievements as we went through life. Its a nice way to have a keepsake for when you are grown up. Now unfortunately for mum this was a hard process as she eventually had 8 to fill in and needless to say they slipped by the wayside. She still has everything, its just not in the books. Luckily mum has always being a fan of Photos so they adorn the house and show times gone by.
For me, I wanted something really easy. I don't particularly like photo albums as you end up just storing the books somewhere to keep them out of the way. I have a couple and I have photo album boxes which I haven't looked at since I did them. So for our kids I decided to do something that was really low maintenance. 
Since having a smart phone I have downloaded an app called Freeprints which is amazing. You get so many prints a month free (i think about 40) and you pay for extras and postage. This is amazing. Come in a couple of days and are exactly how they look on my phone. You don't have to do any uploading you just select from your phone. So printing off photos is easy. Another good one is Photobox. They are really easy, a bit more expensive but they always have deals on.
All of the programs are great for getting your snaps printed off with no hassle. 
When they arrive, I have started splitting them in to piles, for Etta, Raph and home. I take Etta's and Raph's and I write a bit of detail on the back about the photo. As they grow up and look at them they will know what it is from. I have to be quite specific about the photos. Unless I know I want one I just print one off and save it for the child. I don't need reams of the similar photos, I don't look at them. 
The kids both have nice boxes that are in there rooms and I just put each photo in there. There is a really nice collection now forming. You see how our life changes and how the child grows. I love just flicking through piles of photos. And when Raph finds one he likes, he just carries it around for a while exclaiming what the picture is of.

I have found this really easy and so quick. Even if you don't stay on top of it and you have to do a big batch of writing the details on, its nice to sit with the children or your partner and just look back at the memories.

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