Monday, 9 June 2014

Picnic time!

Picnic Time

Do you not think picnics are a great invention? I love eating outside, especially in the sun, it really relaxes  me. Just sitting and feeling the warm sun on your skin and having a nice breeze blowing over you. If you just close your eyes it can be magical!
As today is so beautiful I thought it would be nice to have a picnic lunch outside. 
I prepared the kids lunches and threw a blanket over the grass. As it is so sunny we were all enjoying our hats and we got ourselves covered in suncream! 
There is such a beautiful breeze today and my washing line is full, I even have extra airers out to make sure I get caught up on washing. There will have to be a mass sort later!
There is something beautiful about the British sunshine, when it is gorgeous, you could be anywhere in the world. I love our back garden. The poor thing has not been treated to great over the last year of building work, but the grass has grown back and my plants are starting to flower through so it is all becoming garden like again. I even was tempted into cutting a few Lavender stems for a jam jar.
As it was so warm I didn't want to stay out for too long so we bundled back inside and had milky ice pops.

It's always a shame that Rob misses out on these nice days as he is at work, suppose we will have to have a picnic tea too!

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