Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bootiful Bags

Bootiful Bags.

So I have had this pair of leather boots that my grandma gave me about 10 years ago. I loved them so much that they unfortunately wore through as they had been my grandmas for a good 10+ years before she gave them to me. I kept having them re-soled but the last time I had it done the cobbler said 'No more'. The leather was breaking down and they had nothing to stick the sole to. So they have lived in a cupboard since then as I did not have the heart to get rid.
I found them the other day when I was taking a bag of clothes to a charity shop. I didn't take the boots as I knew they would be useless and I had it in my head that they were going to go on the bin. Then I had an epiphany moment. I could use the leather and make some little pouches. Just sew straight across the ankle end and button or zip the top. And that is what I have done.

I bravely cut straight across the leather where the ankle would sit. Now this was heartbreaking, but better than going in the bin!

I then pulled the lining through and attached a zip just inside the lining at the top. I used a sewing machine and hand stitch for this as it was quite fiddly.
Then once I had the zip attached. I turned the whole thing inside out, making sure I left the zip end open for turning back around. Then I sewed a straight line right across the bottom.
Turn it back the right way round and there you go.

They will be perfect for travelling and are a lovely sentimental piece for me to have forever!

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  1. What a wonderful idea, I have just told your Father that I think you are amazing, the ideas you have are mind blowingly good!


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