Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Writing History

Writing History

A couple of months ago Rob was fitting a new shower at my Grandparents when we discovered a small box of old photographs. Now these were as vintage as they come. My Grandpa, with a little help from my Grandma explained what each image was. They also had old dinner menus from functions they went to and old valentines day cards. Some truly magical pieces. On my way home I decided that I needed to write down this information as I would never remember the details. So I have stated visiting my grandparents so that I can document my Grandfathers life. He has been given an MBE by the Queen so that says it all really. His life has been quite eventful and I really feel I need to get it down for the whole family to share.
In our first sitting we got to secondary school days. His memory was really good as I was getting him to give me details about him as a young child. He was 11 when WW2 was declared on a ship travelling to Ireland to go and see his Uncle. He is one of 7, there were 5 at the time of traveling and as war was declared His Father told them to stay in Ireland for a bit longer. His Father had stayed in Coventry to work. The family moved from the uncles to the Grandmothers in Belfast and stayed there for a few months. Whilst they were there his younger sister became ill and died at the age of 5. Now I found this so tragic as his Father would not of seen his daughter since they left England. I knew how Rob would feel but the times and situation was so dpifferent for them.
It was amazing hearing some of the stories. I wrote them down as fast as I possibly could. 
On my drive home from their house I was thinking about how important it is I do this. I need to do this for my Parents, Siblings, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Great Aunts and Uncles. It is a bit of history for our family to enjoy. It wont mean a lot to you reading this but as an action for ones family, its is absolutely worth sitting down with grandparents and just hearing what they have to say. For them and for you it can be very poignant. I am going to go round every week to have a writing session so it hopefully won't take to long to get a lot of his life covered. I am looking forward to hearing about when he produced shoe heels and my Grandmother could have here pick of any shoe she wanted, she even had them made personally for her and company's that my Grandad did business with let her go to the factory's and just pick out any shoes she wanted! That is my ideal situation! How amazing. Anyway, I am looking forward to the cups of tea and long chats to understand my Grandad better.

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