Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fathers Day Ideas

Father's Day Gift


If you are struggling for Father's Day here is what I have been doing this morning. 

I wanted to make something that was going to be a keepsake this year. I have got Rob a few presents but I wanted to make something as well.
After having a quick look on Pintrest for a bit of inspiration I decided to make some pictures incorporating foot and hand prints.

I got on my computer and I made a poster, I did this on word and used text boxes to position each bit of writing. I then printed them onto some nice cream paper I had.
Once they were ready I clipped one onto a clip board just so it was stable.
The tricky part came with introducing a 10 month old to the equation.

Get a old sheet out before you start to sit them on, that way nothing will be damaged and have some baby wipes at the ready. Also have a nice warm bath or sink full of warm water so you can get them in and clean as soon as you are done. You will also need some paint (one that washes off) and a paintbrush.
 I got the kids undressed to avoid ruining clothes, Etta had an old vest on so I wasn't bothered about that. I did it on the table as I had everything laid out so I could grab without letting go of feet or hands. You can do it on the floor if you prefer just make sure you get everywhere covered. Also don't leave a baby unattended, i'm sure you know that though.
One at a time I painted a foot and printed in place. Wiped with a baby wipe and moved on to the next foot. Now poor Etta was wiggly so we had a few attempts before we got it right. She had a toy for a bit of distraction so eventually she just let me manipulate her foot.
Raph knew what to do and with a bit of guidance his worked out first time.

The end result is really smart. I hand wrote 'Love you' under the feet. You could easily do this on the computer but I wasn't sure how much room I would need for the feet print.

I think I might pick up some nice black frames to put them in. Easy Peasy.

The aftermath was pretty good. After a warm bath Raph was happy with some hot buttered toast Great Grandma style and Etta fell fast asleep giving me a perfect opportunity to get tidied up!

If you don't have a computer or printer you could easily hand write a poster in the same way!

Just got back from picking up some frames. They were £6.99 from The Range and I am really pleased with the end product which we will be giving to our parents.

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