Thursday, 5 June 2014

Magical Kisses - The Importance Of Kissing

Magical kisses - the importance of kissing!

I was struck the other day by how much a kiss can mean to children and adults. 
As a child, I always knew a kiss would heal any ailment, any hurt and be the last thing I had from my parents before I  went to bed. A kiss was given freely by parents, grandparents, family members and it was always accepted, sometimes with embarrassment but sometimes with heartfelt fondness. We see how Raphael needs kisses when he is hurt and how more recently he gives them with hellos and goodbyes. He has definitely developed an understanding of the sign of affection it brings. And an understanding of the 'magical powers' they behold as they get rid of any pain.

When I started to think about this post, and discussed it with Rob, we talked about how kisses are 'magical' pretty much all the way through your life. How for the child, it is a healer, for the teen it brings lots of excitement, and then into serious relationships, it is the thing that can hold you together.
It is quite amazing when you think about it, this one small action can touch a heart in such a way.
It's funny, I might say I wasn't a big kisser. Obviously, I am married and, quelle surprise, kiss, but I don't spend my life kissing Rob. I always watched my parents kiss every time my Dad left and got home from work. It is one of these images that has stuck with me, my Mum's relief that Dad was home and my Dad's relief that work was over (and of course, that he was home!) 
Rob is definitely the one who comes to me, and I am so thankful that he does. After a day with the kids or a day at work my head is sometimes so full of so many other things. I love that Rob is the one who brings me out of that.

I think in relationships, it's good to have that pause, that thankful relief that a loved one made it back safely. That 'magic' moment, when you can be whisked back to the feeling of the first kiss, even though it is only for a millisecond, ENJOY that millisecond! 
A kiss can also heal a lot of hurt. Its 'magic' can dwell in ones mind and heart. After an argument or some mishap, the 'kiss it better' slogan fits very well.

So, Kiss your children so that they know the importance of showing affection and healing hurts. Kiss your partner so you can right any wrongs and be thankful that you are lucky enough to have such a wonderful person in your life. And always kiss your husband or wife, they are the ones who you will be kissing into eternity!

Post by Emily (& a bit of  Rob)


  1. This is beautiful Emily and I love your kisses!

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