Sunday, 8 June 2014

An Old Bakers Box

An Old Bakers Box

Mum and I went to the Arthur Swallow's Home and Antiques fair on the Lincolnshire Show Ground this week and I picked up a couple of items for our house.
You will see them over the next few weeks as I reupholster and change in my own way.
The first piece I have finished was changing an old baker's box into a stool.

Now this cost me £10. An absolute bargain as I knew it had a lot of potential. Not only did I love the written detail, colour and size, but the history of it would be amazing I am sure. It had a wooden tray inside which I can only presume was there to hold the bread or cakes in transport. It was a beautiful piece and instead of it sitting in a shed waiting to be bought, it is now in are home, ready to serve as a beautiful stool.

To start us off Rob cut a piece of old work top to size so that we could make a thick base for the foam to sit on. This also acted as a really good support for the wheels that we put on the bottom. He then cut the foam to size so it filled the box perfectly.

For me, I then probably used the most difficult method to make a cushion. I don't even think I can really explain how I did it. I took photos then about half way trough I just made it up to suit so I don't think it will make any sense if I try and explain. Even rob said "I thought you were just going to fold it round nicely and tuck it under the foam."
Yes Rob, that is what I should of done!! So my advice, if you know how, make a nice box cushion cover, if you don't want to waste hours and get really stressed, just cut some fabric to size by measuring the length and width then add height to you measurement and then a bit more so it can tuck underneath. That would be simpler!

The finished product still looks great though. My cover eventually sat right (still not quite perfect for me) and it gives me the effect I want.

The great thing about this for us as well is that it fits under our coffee table so it can be put away.
As you can see, I love using old crates. Raph and Etta's toys are kept in old crates and our Duplo is in an old CocaCola crate. Also I love wheels as it makes it easy for the kids to take their toys where they want. They are just nice features really.
 So here is our old Bakers Box Stool.

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  1. That looks fab, just the job when you want some extra seating!


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