Friday, 13 June 2014

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Getting fresh flowers in your home can really brighten it up. Obviously I am bias as I am a florist but I think they make all homes beautiful. Whether you buy some or pick them out of the garden you can't help but be pleased with their natural beauty.
This week I have given the house a good deep clean so I felt as a reward I should fill the house with a few jugs full. I love soft petals and soft colours. It suits us and our home. I have got some gorgeous enamel jugs by garden Trading is 3 different sizes and they just look great with anything in them. They are just a classic style and a lovely colour they just go with everything.

I always have some flowers on the mantel piece. It is the highest surface downstairs so you eye is automatically drawn to it. I usually have some on the dinning table to. It makes an event out of eating dinner some days. I love having some on the coffee table. Raphael has never been bothered by things like that but Etta is a bit more grabby so I have to make sure they are in the middle.
I dont usually put them in the kitchen but fancied a bit of something in there. I Think it brings a bit of freshness against the usual kitchen smells.
So after the deep clean my house now looks super with fresh flowers to match. Lucky girl!

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