Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Little Hello

A Little Hello!

I think the way people greet each other has changed so much over time. There is never a chance that I would say 'Good Morning' or smile as I walked by someone of my age at the moment. They would probably think I am hitting on them or bothering them by just exclaiming a morning greeting. 
Its crazy. 

I do however, say 'Good Morning' and smile as I walk past anyone older than 60. Why? 
On my way into work, wandering along, a smiling face of an older man greets me as I pass him, and in turn I do the same. Walking past some older ladies waiting for a bus, the same again, this time I offer the good morning first. 

Why is it only with the older generation that I do this? 
Is it because I know, in times gone by, that this would have been the norm. Anywhere you went you would offer a polite greeting of some kind to everybody.

Why don't we do it any more?
Probably because people are so caught up in their own life. They are plugged into an iPod, on the phone or just have that blank look of 'The man who works to live' expression on their face. They are not welcoming. They don't want to chat. So we don't.

I say bring it back. 
Bring back the morning smiles. Bring back the cheery 'Hellos'. Maybe you will allow someone to have a 'Good Morning' or a 'Good Afternoon' just because you exclaimed it out loud to them. 
I think we need to start conversing with each other more as you never know what positive effect you might have on someones day. 

A simple hello or smile could changes someone's mood. Practice it and pass it on to others, friends and your children!

Good Afternoon All!

Post by Emily


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