Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Quick Cover Up

Quick Cover Up!

So today I did a quick re-covering of a chair. It used to be my Grandparents and it got passed to my mum, now I have acquired it.
I was originally thinking I would paint this so I started by sanding it to give the paint something to stick to. As it turns out, I couldn't decide what colour to do so I just buffed it back up again with some wax.

For the covering it was quite a technical chair to do. The back is on show and some of the edge so I had the seam it really neatly. If I were more professional I think I would of sewn it but as I had neither the knowledge or tools I used a staple gun. Looking at it now I could tack whats on show so it looks more decorative.
Anyway, the seat was in two parts which made it easy. The bottom was a simple wrap around and secure. I then made it neater by covering the bottom in a calico so the rough edges were covered up.

The back seat was a little trickier. I covered the front first and stapled along the edge to secure it. I then did the back piece and as I brought it round I overlapped the staples I had already put it and tucked the fabric in on itself to make a little hem. Then I stapled it as close to the edge as possible.
Once that was done, I just refitted it back into the chair.

If you are ever looking for your own pieces to do up. Think about the ease of them. In parts is a good place to start as it makes covering them a lot easier. Items that are on good wooden frames are good too.
What ever you do, start small and just keep getting pieces that are trickier. You will only get better as you go.

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  1. This never did belong to your Grandparents, I loaned it to them and only got it back when they moved, now you have swiped it, nothing is sacred in this house, lol


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