Thursday, 26 June 2014

Quick Pasta Tea

Quick pasta with what's in the fridge

Tonight the kids have eaten and are now in bed; we need a quick tea for the 2 of us.
We've got some chorizo & various veg so a tomato-y pasta it is. I always make lots of pasta as it does for snacks, kids' teas and pack-up the next day. This is what I did but you can use whatever veg you like & just don't add the chorizo if you're a veggie!

Get your pasta in a pan of boiling water. Half a pack (250g)
In a large pan, chop 2 onions & fry for 3 mins in dash of oil.
Cut chorizo into very small pieces. In pan.
Cut a green pepper, courgette, celery stick, 3-4 cabbage leaves. In pan.
Add a glug of red wine, some dried herbs, cook that for a couple of minutes & add a carton of passata.

Passata is great because it instantly makes a great, rich sauce. I used to just cook down tinned chopped tomatoes but my sister got me onto passata. It saves so much time.

Then just drain the pasta with a lid (no need to colander) and pour enough pasta into the sauce so it's nicely coated. If there's too much pasta for the amount of sauce, keep it and have it with red pesto and grated cheese as a snack.
Then bowl it up & top with grated cheese & pepper. All ready in 20 mins.


(Any leftovers are saved for the kids for the following day.)


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