Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Flower Bed Brick Wall

Flower Bed Brick Wall

We have a sort of messy veg/flower patch down the side of our garden. So due to my recent endeavours in bricklaying; I thought I'd build a small brick wall to allow us to raise the level of soil to include flowers, our rhubarb & our lavender bush near the shed.

I started by digging it out near the fence to bed in some concrete tiles (we had left over from the pizza oven) which will stop the soil going through the wire fence. Then I dug out where the bricks were going, laid a bed of concrete & started laying. It took about 4 attempts to finish this relatively small wall with distractions.(Mainly because Raph loves the cement mixer so I get little done!)

As I am an electrician, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to put some nice LED lighting on the wall.

As an afterthought, we didn't know what we wanted on the top of the bricks. I wanted to put quarry tiles on or something flat, but then my uncle phoned me (thanks Dave), saying he was taking up his decking for his own building project & would I like the wood. The rest is history. It was in a bit of a messy state but one run of a planer up it & some nice cuts with my trusty mitre saw & I think it looks really great.


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