Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day!

A day for Dad!

So Father's Day hasn't started too great this morning. I completely forgot after being so tired from our busy day yesterday and pushed Rob out of bed first to deal with the overtired 'Mum' shouts this morning. He then went downstairs with the kids at 6 ish and promptly snuggled on the sofa while the kids watched a bit of T.V. I was then woken to Etta just screaming, not really for any reason, but it's quite a jolting wake up call when you hear it. I bundled myself downstairs to see the madness. Raph wafting his new sword around and Etta's cries were nappy related as she was just laid crying whist Rob changed her.
It then didn't take long for Rob to exclaim, 'Cheers for getting me out of bed on Father's Day!' In my head, this was my reaction, '.....Nooooooooooo....'
Brilliant. Just great! The cries ease and I pop Etta into her walker so she can wonder round and please herself. Rob retires back to the sofa and snuggles down with Raph.

I would like to point out at this stage, Rob's tiredness is also football related as he stayed up really late to watch England in a World Cup football match. Hence the sleepiness!
I get on and sort out all of the bags in the kitchen full of picnic food from the day before. I pop the kettle on to make a pot of tea, and get Rob's Father's Day presents organised into a nice box. As we had done our pictures earlier in the week I had everything all ready. It was just a momentary lapse of
recognition this morning, I DID have everything ready.

So, pot of tea on the table, kitchen looking more normal, box of presents ready for delivery by the children to their Father. Then Raph decides to have a bit of a moment with Etta in the hallway as he pushes her roughly in the walker and then the wheels clip his toes. Insert more crying.
Finally calmed, I slip some bread in the toaster and help Raph carry the box through. His little exclaims of 'Happy Fathers day', sound really cute.
After the present opening and viewing, Rob was wanting to read his new books to the children. Raph pretty much point blank refused by not even acknowledging Rob had asked him and Etta was just scooting around in her wheelie chair. That will be a no then!
So poor Rob, no appreciation from his wife who kicked him out of bed on a day when he had the 'trump card' for a sleep in. And his children, well, the little tinkers are now calm, one is even asleep.

I just exclaimed to Rob, 'I am writing a post about this Morning', we both just laughed! The kind of laugh that says, this is life and we love it.

Regardless of how our day has started Rob will always know how we feel about him. The affection from his children is obvious. Etta's ear to ear smiles whenever she sees his face is a sight to melt any heart. Raph and his constant wanting to play with him, cuddle him and just be with him is a sure sign of his love. And for us as a team, we wouldn't work without him.

So here's to the rest of the day. Possibly a sleepy one, but hopefully a day where we can all be thankful for the family we have and the situations that make us smile together.


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