Monday, 23 June 2014

Cladding The House


We 'finished' our extension about 10 months ago, but like most self build or DIY jobs, they always seem to take forever to finally finish. We got some friends to do our skimming & rendering, who did a great job on the plastering, but were a bit inexperienced with rendering so it's cracking & didn't look great. So after much deliberation on what to do about it, we decided to clad it in shiplap external cladding.
I looked online & found a really good value local timber merchant. So I measured up (incorrectly at first) & ordered the wood for latting the walls & shiplap for cladding over the top.

When the wood came I laid all the lengths out on a large sheet of polythene (you can get from any timber merchant for free) & painted them with Cuprinol Willow external wood paint. A 2.5 litre tin painted 2 coats on all of the shiplap & I got that from Wilkos for £15, so a real bargain as it covers well & lasts. (we have it on our shed)
Next I latted the walls & started cladding. 2 people is best as I needed 4m lengths for this wall. I predrilled the holes & used black plaster board screws as they are cheap at Toolstation & are coated so are more waterproof than normal wood screws.

If you're keen on working with wood like me, this is a great alternative as you can do it yourself so it keeps labour costs down. I would invest in a compound mitre saw & a good battery drill. I have a drill for work anyway & I bought my mitre saw from ebay last year for £50! It has paid for itself 10 times over, so look for some bargains

I'm so pleased with the finish & it cost about £280 including the paint do give it a go if you fancy a chalet look outside your house!

We love it.


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