Sunday, 22 June 2014

Old Church Bench

Old Church Bench

As my parents house has a chapel they have it filled with lots of lovely pews and benches. I decided to take one of the smaller ones and make it more decorative. We often use any seating we can find for big dinners and parties, so I thought I would see how paint would go on these lovely benches. 
I gave the whole thing a rough sand. I knew I was going to colour the legs and as it was heavily varnished so I tried to get some of it off to make a better base.
For the top of the bench I used a belt sander. This is far more heavy duty than a standard hand sander. The hand sander is great but will just take longer. 
I wanted to get right back to the bare wood. So it took a bit of time, but I got rid of that orange stain that pine gets covered in. 

I then painted the legs and underneath, all except for over a name and date that an owner had painted on. I feel with all the things I renovate that I needed to keep a bit of its past on it still. 
So the finished bench looks ready for any country kitchen or walk way. 
Next time you are at a charity shop, have a look at the random bits of furniture. As long as it is made of real wood, it can be changed.

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