Friday, 6 June 2014

The importance of danger!

The importance of danger!

I was brought up being allowed to do most things. If we asked my Mum or Dad if we could do or make something they rarely said no. If it was dangerous, they would show us how to use it safely. We used to love having fires in the garden and it is such an intriguing element for all people. To start a fire you need kindling. I can't remember picking up an axe for the first time, but I know how to make kindling without hurting myself because my Dad showed me how to use an axe safely from a very young age. The same applied to chopping foods with sharp knives & using most tools like saws & hammers. I think this approach to parenting was so important in my upbringing & is why I am so interested in making things now.

I have the exact same attitude as a parent myself now. From 6 months Raph used to play with my screwdrivers and other tools. It would be easy to just take them off him & say no, but all you will do is create their desire to play with it irresponsibly. It is far better to show them how to use the item safely & under your supervision.

People are so 'safety' conscious these days. I say it in inverted commas because most things are not safer, they are just avoided. In dangerous events there can be great opportunity, success & fun if we know how to contain the danger.

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