Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop

My work day

So apart from being a mother and a wife I am employed as a florist. My family own a shop on Steep Hill in Lincoln, which as you can guess, sits in the middle of one of the steepest hills around! It's not a bad place to be. People often pop in to catch their breath. It is a nice area though. The Cathedral towers above us at the top of the hill and there are lots of gorgeous tea rooms and boutique shops leading up to the top.
We are a very country flower kind of shop. We love vintage and blowsy flowers, and we are 'the go to' for beautiful soft coloured posies.
The shop itself has been here for near 20 years and this summer we will have owned it for 2 years. My sister, Elizabeth, Mum & I work here through the week, and then we have another florist, Lucy, who works on Saturdays.
It's a lovely place to work. It has allowed me to be very creative and has really brought my skill to light as I am the one who makes quite a bit of the stock. 
We are famous for having lots of dried lavender and beautiful Jam Jars of flowers. We love all things natural and the shop is very rustic looking with us using lots of crates as shelved units.

We pride ourselves on wedding work. Elizabeth as head florist & does a lot of our Bridal Posies and they are just stunning!

We have been featured in local magazines and newspapers which may make you think, "Oh its a bit of a posh place", but the truth is this is a family business run by a family. We all muck in when it is needed. Whether it is having my Brothers and Dad make deliveries over Mother's Day or Valentines or having Elizabeth's Fiancé pile rubbish into his car, we all do it all together.
I thought I would just share some features from the shop with you. If you like them why not follow us on facebook at The Arbour.

I think as florists, we strive to make beauty out of beautiful products. Flowers are always stunning so we just try to put things together to emphasise their beauty.

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