Monday, 2 June 2014

Last Week's Catwalk

I apologise for the lack of photos of the kids this week! I went away for a hen do for a few days and missed their outfits!

Raphs burgundy jumper on the top picture is actually Robs wool jumper that accidentaly went though a normal wash and shrunk! It was a real shame for Rob, but for Raph a real bonus! Its so cute and looks great with shirts and skinny jeans!
His yellow wellies were out again this week because it was raining, and to get the true fisherman look, we matched it to his Marks and Spencer yellow Mac. We got this last year so this one isn't in the shop but I know they were doing ones like it. Other brands like Joules and Boden also do their own versions.
I have found a Gillet is a staple for Raph, he has always had one in his wardrobe from about 6 months. Etta is now wearing his first one! They are really easy to pull on and if you get a navy one, they go with everything. Great for cool summer days and in the winter, great for pulling on if you are just running errands and popping in and out of places. This one Raph has on is Joules. I teamed it with a next chambray shirt and next chinos.
Raph has always had fancy feet. At Christmas Etta brought him some Lacoste Hi Tops. They are fancy but have lasted really well and are generous with the sizing.
The same shirt made an appearance again this week matched to coral shorts from next and a simple navy blue top from Gap.

Etta wore Baby Zara this week. A really cute tunic dress where the top half is a nice knit style and then it has a soft denim skirt around the bottom. This went great with tights when she was smaller but now is great with leggings and trousers. 
She wore a really cute floral blue dress that was a present from a friend. It is Next and will be great when it is warmer so she doesn't have to wear anything underneath it.
I have a range of velcro dribble bibs that are great for teething babies. I have quite a few and they look like little neck-a-chiefs so we can match them to outfits nicely. 
As this week was rainy, Etta enjoyed her Primark Spotty Mac. This was £6! You can't complain at that! 
And then the ladybird dress is a next one.

This week I rocked out my 'Mom jeans' which are quite a big trend at the moment. They are very American style, high waisted and tapered in at the bottom. Mine were from TKMaxx but you can get them in most high street shops at the moment. I matched it to a really nice H&M boxy cream jacket. I have worn this so much since I got it at the start of the season.
At work it is freezing so when I go in I try and wrap up as best I can. My check scarf  is from Zara and my camo jacket was Primark a couple of years ago. You can get Camo print jackets in lots of places as it seems to be a staple print these days. Mine has leather look arms then a camo print body. It is good for just pulling on with jeans and boots.
Another statement jean this season is the ripped style. Mine are Zara and I have worn them loads. It doesn't  help that they are the softest jeans I have ever owned but they just look great with everything.  My striped top is River Island. 
When I was away we had some time in a Spa in York then a night out and cocktail making in Leeds. My gold and cream chiffon jumper is Zara again with River Island jeans and sandals, it was easy wearing and comfortable but looked nice still. On one night out I wore a new River Island dress which was is the sale at £20! Was great with black tights and simple jewellery. This was for a meal in the spa so we all just wanted to look dressy but not over dressed. Then on the big night out in Leeds I opted for a midi skirt, again from River Island and bravely, for a crop top. As you know I choose either legs or chest to show but on this occasion I went for the crop top. Now these are the height of fashion at the moment and some people wear them really well, just showing a slither of skin, but some people wear them like a bikini, which I am not so into. I felt that this thin slither was just enough for me to feel good. As everything else was covered I didn't feel showy just nicely reserved. 

Unfortunately for Rob I was away during his casual outfit days! I just saw him rocking the usual work gear!

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