Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New Table Clothes!

New Table Clothes!

I decided today that I would make a new tablecloth and table runner. I was getting annoyed at myself as half of the table was clear for eating and the other half had piling papers and just house stuff taking up room. I knew that if I dressed the table properly I would hate putting things on it so I got on today, when the kids were happy/ in bed, and made this.

I got some plane calico from Dunelm earlier which was going to be my base sheet. I then got out some hessian sacking that I made into the table runner.

I love oilcloth as a covering or just the bare wood, but I fancied something a little rustic today.

First I started by cutting the fabrics to the right size. I knew I wanted the runner to be thinner than the width of the table so I just measured and cut to suit.

Then I decided what trimmings I was going to use to run around the edges of the fabric. I decided on two different types of lace. One white against the beige of the calico fabric and the other a butter cream colour against the hessian.

I then just got on the sewing machine and did a straight stitch all the way round the edges, sewing the lace onto the fabric. Watch your edges though, a couple of times the lace hadn't joined as I was too close to the edge of the fabric.

Then simply arrange on the table. Add some flowers or candles, and your done. Pretty easy!

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