Sunday, 8 November 2015

What Autumn means to me.

We all get it: That first little flutter of "It's Autumn", when we see a golden leaf float to the ground. It really brings such joy to my life to watch this beautiful seasonal-change take place. The tree at the end of our street suddenly starts dropping buckets of conkers and as their shells fall and break on the ground, little children scamper around grabbing the shiny chestnuts ready for playing with.
With leaves falling and the temperatures getting colder, lots of people like to begin the hibernation process. Not us, exploring the beautiful landscape full of red and amber leaves and gathering nature's goodies really sets us on a season of discovery. With pockets full of conkers, picking up pumpkins from local farmers and finding any excuse to have small campfires lets us embrace this season and not shy away from it. It really is quite remarkable; the change in colour and how just about every gift from nature compliments in colours. The spectrum of shades of leaves on the trees, matched with the gorgeous chestnut brown of conkers and the bright oranges of seasonal squash really set the colour pallet in motion for an ever changing artistic display over the months of September, October and November, before we are given the bare branches of winter. 
Dressing for Autumn is something that I have always loved. The new routine to pull out a pair of socks, grab your boots, zip up a coat and pull a scarf around your shoulders as you head out the door is time consuming, but so worth it. That lovely feeling of layering up and having the cold air hit your face and fill your lungs is one of my favourite feelings.With Joules this not only is an easy thing to master but it makes a beautiful occaison of seasonal dressing. with soft furry linings, tactile leathers,layerable knits, checked scarfs and shirts to match, this seaons 'outdoor ready' wear has to be one of the best and most gorgeous yet! 

Getting outside and exploring is what I want to make sure I do a lot of this year. Finding those crispy leaves and making piles to kick about, toasting marshmallows on a fire, pumpkin carving and conker battles. All of the lovely outside exploring that we all need to get ourselves well and truly exhausted, ready for cosying up together with a blanket and mugs of hot chocolate. Let's be honest; that's the second best thing about Autumn. That moment when you walk into the house, and the warmth hits you. You de-layer as children run around your feet asking for treats like hot chocolate or "warm cocoa" as it is called in our house. They grab their bootie-fleece slippers from the shoe cupboard and leave an assault course of boots, hats and scarves for us to work our way through. Then on with a blanket pulled straight from the rack and finishing a dive onto the sofa ready for snuggling down. 

A huge thank you to Joules for working with us on this project. It has meant so much!

All products in the photos are sold by Joules and are on their website.
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