Friday, 6 November 2015

Her most practical coat yet!

One of my favourite items to buy for myself are coats. I love them. Unfortunately there is also nothing cuter than shopping for kids' coats. I think its because I actually want the coat and I am working out if I could fit into an age 14; not likely!
Etta was given this beautiful fleece lined faux waxed coat from Joules and it is absolutely stunning. I am not being biased. This coat, for a little adventure is absolutely perfect. It is nice and long, falling to Etta's knees, does right up to her lips trapping all her body heat around her chest and has a beautiful fluffy hood. 
Now Etta is 2 and a bit, this coat starts at age three, so it is a little oversized for her. However, this hasn't been a problem; it only means that until May next year she needs NO OTHER COAT! And then from September it should still fit her!
There are a few small details that I really like about this coat. The flower lining down the openings just peaks through when worn unzipped. The elastic around the wait to gather it in slightly, the popper buttons over the zip (makes it hard for her to undo, which for us is a good thing). It is also wipeable as it has that waxy finish which is great for an exploring toddler.
Overall I think this is her most practical coat yet and one of the most beautiful for an adventure seeking tot!

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*Joules gifted us these items but the thoughts expressed our my own.

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