Saturday, 28 November 2015

Making lists and chilling out with VQ.

Can you believe it's here? December already, and now time to start thinking about decorating, present buying and making list upon list about everything that needs to be done and prepared. It is amazing that this one month can create such excitement and such stress all at the same time. I find that as we head into December I like to try and slow down as much as possible, but please, don't think for a minute that's because I am organised. I still have plenty of shopping to do! I do love trying though, I am good at that, I to have a go at getting my lists together; knowing what I am buying, planning what food to get in for all the feasting, I try! 
It is nice as a mother and co-ordinator of the house (self-titled role), that I get a few spare moments to get my lists together and have time to think about Christmas. I love getting opportunities to daydream and since painting all the upstairs of our house I am finding myself  "hanging around" up there, for no reason, just to sit and think. It is nice having a space where I feel totally comfortable to just relax other than in front of the TV.
With these moments popping up through my week, this morning I decided to head up with my new VQ Radio and tune in Smooth FM Xmas; Christmas radio at it's finest! It was so nice just sitting and writing my Christmas list which Rob had hinted at getting yesterday, so I thought I better start one!

To be honest, this radio was actually on my Christmas list until I was picked to share it with you through the blog. What a perfect early Christmas present and one that is such a fitting piece for our home. Being a lover of Emma Bridgewater already and having a few of her items in mixed designs I decided to go for this Black Toast option. I love how timeless and classic it is. Monochrome accessories are always going to suit most homes as they will match to any colour. 

As far as the radio goes, moving it around your home is easy, as long as you have got a plug socket near by you can plug in and go! But if you haven't, amazingly it also has a battery compartment so it really can go anywhere with you! Other features also include Bluetooth to stream your own music, AUX connection for other devices and a USB charger point.

Finding time to have a sit down and an opportunity to jot down ideas is precious time that I don't waist. As mummy to our two and part-time worker, I am thoroughly enjoying grabbing minutes here and there to just sit, think and enjoy the music that will accompany the seasonal busyness. 

If you are thinking about adding this radio to your Christmas list then have a browse at VQ's Retro Mini radios in their range of Emma Bridgewater patterns.

Also, look out on the View Quest Facebook page as you could be in with the chance of winning one, so get following and try your luck!


*This is a collaborative post with View Quest Radio. All thoughts expressed are my own.


  1. Oh Emily, these are such stunning photos. I love your painted floorboards, too.

    1. Thanks my love, the floor boards were a labour of love but so worth it!! Xxx

  2. Aaah these are SUCH lovely photos!! I feel all festive all of a sudden! :) We are lucky girls indeed to be the proud owners of such beautiful radios, aren't we? I have fallen head over heels for mine! xx

    1. Thank you my dear! We are indeed very lucky!! Emily xx

  3. I love this it's so fab and stylish! I have a few radios but none a pretty as this one! x Julia @ Rainbeaubelle

  4. gorgeous pictures, the radio is the perfect size and style for any home. I have RT'd and followed you for more posts :) fingers crossed x

  5. Love Emma Bridgewater. Can't wait for the after-Christmas sale to buy more mugs as a treat to myself


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