Sunday, 1 November 2015

The perfect man-slipper for fussy feet!

Rob is so weird when it comes to his feet. Maybe not weird, that's a bit harsh, but he has this thing about having them covered in fluffy slippers, it's almost like claustrophobia; he panics about it and gets hot and worked up. When Joules sent him over these gorgeous fur-lined moccasins he first looked at me a bit dubiously. His first response "but I never where slippers". My response, "just try them"! Well I have never seen someone U-turn as fast as he did. I think every morning since he got them I have come down to see him sat in them! "These slippers are so nice" often trails out and I now seem to have a husband who loves his house slippers!

These leather moccasins are a gorgeous pair of slippers for any man. They have a hard rubber sole so can be briefly worn outside. I wouldn't recommend it though; just keep them as that luxurious item for relaxing in at home. I wanted to share these with you as I thought they might help with Christmas ideas for your men. Adults or older teenagers would love these: they look stylish, are incredibly comfortable and will last for years!

Feeling like starting your Christmas shopping early, shop for these slippers here!


*Joules gifted us these items, but the reviews are our personal opinions.

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