Friday, 6 November 2015

Design a wellie for Joules

Joules has an excellent reputation for their wellies. I myself own 4 pairs. I know, over the years mind! but they still look perfect (bar some mud) and have kept really well. 
When I heard about their design a wellie competition they have running at the moment to I headed to the website and made my entry!
It is a perfect 'cup of tea and sit down' activity as it has a great layout where you can pick colours, patterns, trims and add your own little touch to their classic boot!

And the prize for this little activity, well, you could get your boot actually made and sold in Joules and win a luxury break worth £5,000 or if you are one of 10 runners up you could win a £250 Joules gift card!!
I just wanted to share it with you as I think it is a lovely way to play around at being a 'designer' for all of 5 minutes, and once you have sent off you chosen design you get £10 off a £40 shop. So really you are winning a bit anyway!

So, fancy having a go?

If you fancy using your discount, why not spend it on some new wellies?

I love this selection:

All available and more from Joules.

Have Fun!


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