Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My new favourites!

So this is the feature where I share my new purchases. This week it's all about Etta and some gorgeous and well priced bits from Zara Kids.
I foolishly went on the app last week and had a look at some of the new girls party wear. Yes very foolish as a shopping basket I found myself purchasing some pretty sparkly skirts and tops to match! 
They are very pretty through, some very simple prints but very feminine for a twirl loving girl!
I know a few readers will probably love these bits so I wanted to share them!
I think what most impressed me about this collection was the price. I thought they seemed quite cheap for Zara and since arriving I have been so pleased with how they look; so detailed and pretty, especially the ballerina jacket.
I bought the items so that they would all mix and match with each other and have created some example outfits for you to enjoy.
Happy Looking!

Fancy adding some of these bits to your daughter's wardrobe? Click the links!
Ballerina sweatshirt
Teal star skirt
Grey star skirt
Pink cord dress
Ballet shoes top
Ballet feet positions top
Bear top



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