Sunday, 22 November 2015

How Disney is supporting our love for reading

I love sharing information about books via our blog. It's funny really as I am not a big reader but I love encouraging our children to enjoy reading and enjoy books. Every night we read to our children, at least 3 books and you can really see that their love for books is now coming out. They both love to sit and look through books but Etta is definitely the one who has an incredible love for them. Even at her age, she is sitting, by herself, for ages just looking through books; it is quite amazing to watch. She just loves them! And if she recognises the characters from some of her favourite TV shows like Disney's Sofia The First or any of the Disney films then you can hear her chatting away to herself retelling the story as she is so familiar with them.
We have a lovely collection of children's books and I pick up books quite often for the kids as I love having a good selection. In the summer, in time for Etta's birthday I spotted that our local Tesco was selling these Disney Movie Collection books. They are brilliant as story books for adults to read to children, the most true to film books I have come across and only cost around £3 each! The pictures are all scenes from the films and the books are quite long (we don't read three of these in a row) so it makes for a great opportunity to sit down and stop.

It is so lovely to see Etta's love for books growing. I hope she continues to enjoy them. I am sure for her, being able to see her favourite characters really helps as she seems to be one of those girls who is quite obsessed with princesses and familiar characters from TV. I love classic books and have a huge selection but I find that buying books that I know she will find some familiarity with will keep encouraging her to want to 'read' them.

Disney is a well supported franchise in our house. I spoke last week about our love for Princesses and how Etta adores playing with her princess dolls. Her beautiful Courage & Kind silk dress was on show and this week I wanted to share some more beautiful pieces from their new Bambi collection. This Bambi sweater is one of Rob's favourite items! Every time I put Etta in it he expresses just how cute it is! I think it is because the print of all the tiny characters mixed in with the woodland flowers just makes it quite special. The hidden animals certainly make for little conversation starters; "can you find Bambi?" With the lovely red Bambi skirt from the same collection  Courage & Kind prove once again that they are adding in a special dose of Disney magic into pieces for your children's wardrobe!

With Christmas coming up, you might find that your little ones enjoy these books, so pop to your local store to see if they are in stock. And if you fancy adding some pretty magnificent outfit pieces into your children's wardrobe visit Courage & Kind for some very special items.


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