Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Making a perfect kitchen dresser with Garden Trading

When we got married and moved into our house Rob's mum gave us a big Welsh dresser that she didn't want anymore. It has always lived in our kitchen and has very much been the focal point as it has always been decorated with crockery, hearts and anything that found its way there. It has also been a few shades of white and grey before I have settled and kept it this light shade with a sanded down top. It is nice knowing that it came from Rob's family home and we have been able to have it in ours. 
In more recent years I have been a lot more picky about what goes on it. I suppose as my tastes have changed and I have become a bit more obsessed with matching, I have worked on developing a perfect looking dresser. As you may know, I am a big fan of the kitchen wear products from Garden Trading and over time have built up a very pretty collection that now mostly sits on my dresser.
Their simple colours, soft shapes and clean typography is very appealing so when placed together I have found that they create a lovely collection of practical and pretty pieces.

Garden Trading offer a lovely selection of country style products. I am particularly fond of their enamel and metal wear and find that they are the best on the market for that soft, clean style that I love so much. From jugs for flowers to their canisters for tea and coffee, Garden Trading have created an ideal collection for creating a perfect kitchen dresser.

Heading into November there doesn't seem a more perfect time to be creating a perfect look in the kitchen. With winter slowly setting in and days seeming a lot darker than usual, I find that using light to create warmth through the home brings a lot of comfort. One of my favourite little pieces from GT is their Miners' lantern which I have filled with wire fairy lights. You can place a tea light in them but I love the firefly effect, and in a kitchen when you want the candles lit and you are just chilling out listening to the radio I love the mood it creates.

With cutlery stored in jugs, tea and coffee pots ready to be used and cake tins easily accessible for those moments of temptation, creating a good looking kitchen dresser that is guaranteed to feel homely and look superb is easy. 

My How To:
Create the look easily by mixing soft colours but making sure they compliment each other. 
Make sure you use a few whiter bits to help lift the shades of the other wares.
Throw in a splash of brightness; I love pink with the blues and greys.
Don't make it full or fussy, having space for each item makes it seem clean and not cluttered.
Practicality is key; make sure shelves are filled with products you use.
Try and theme the products as it creates a sense of uniformity and gives it that straight out of a magazine look.

Fancy stealing my style; click the links for the products at the bottom of this picture.

Enjoy trying out my tips at home.


*This post has been produced in collaboration with Garden Trading but the ideas and thoughts about their wares are my own.

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