Sunday, 1 November 2015

Bright homeware for a dark winter.

Heading into winter you always find that homeware become very dull in colour. Don't get me wrong, I love my berry and mustard shades but sometimes you just want a burst of brightness to lighten up your home.
This season Joules has a beautiful selection of homeware which is sure to brighten any home. 

With bright colours and an iconic chicken design running through the selection of products, these are sure to add some fun to any shelves. And as I have an open dresser in the kitchen for things like mugs and cake tins, you can see the colours as soon as you walk in. With a matching apron hung up on a hook to the side, these products bring a touch of joy to my other plainer crockery.
Not only do the products compliment each other they allow you to match them between kitchen items and through to soft furnishings. 

Joules have a beautiful checked blanket which is great for just throwing over yourself as the days get cooler, and with the pheasant print cushions you are able to continue adding colour to your home through into your sitting rooms. I am one for loving a 'through the house scheme' so items like this are really good. You can spot the colours of the mugs and cake times in the kitchen then wander through to the open dining/sitting room area and see more burst of colour!

As a final touch, Joules have started doing some amazing scented candles. I have tried the Rose Tomato, (which I think is my favourite), Cottage Herb and Blossom. I am a candle lover, especially when you are tired and you just want the TV on and a bit of soft lighting. These are lovely because they last for ages and the scent is instant. As soon as you open them they begin to diffuse.

What really comes through with the Joules homeware is its salute to the countryside and farming way of life, but also its ability to really make a beautiful impression in your home.


*These products were gifted to me by Joules, but the thoughts are my own.

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