Sunday, 15 November 2015

Giulietta's love for Disney Princesses

I suppose a lot of us can relate to a love for Disney. Even at my age there isn't really another production company that I prefer for the types of films I enjoy. They just get the magic right and we all know it. I think we would all walk away from a Disney film feeling inspired and happy. 
Etta is obsessed with princesses at the moment. She really is one of the girls who adores her princess toys and loves the Disney Junior channel show Sofia the First. Anything princess related she cottons onto. Even wearing a dress or skirt is classed as being a princess thing, which is fine by me!
The other day, when watching the new Cinderella, Etta stated the cutest little observance. The moment when Ella's dress is magically transformed (and you have the classic fairy tale touch of all the whooshing and sparkles floating around her body) Etta stood their and shouted, "Look, Princess buzzies". Referring to that magical moment which she understands to be all the buzzy flies transforming this simple girl into a princess! It was really cute, her perception of being turned into a princess! 
A couple of days ago Etta was given some beautiful Disney inspired clothes from Courage and Kind, a children's wear company that have been able to understand how to make the perfect character-lead prints for Disney loving children. If you have read the blog before you will have seen me share my thoughts on them already but when you know a brand is great then they are worth talking about.
Etta was wearing her cotton and silk Bambi dress and playing on her bed when I had one of those moments that every parent loves to see; she was playing her own little imaginary game with her princess dolls. I tried to capture them on camera but as once she spotted me sneaking in she changed what she was doing. It was lovely though, they were all her babies and she was happily singing songs to them.
I cant remember if there has ever been a time when I don't find the thought of princesses still a bit magical. I think it's important to keep that too and I am loving having a daughter who is also as keenly interested on the magic of these Disney princesses.  

Beautiful cotton and silk Bambi dress which I have also styled with the Bambi sweater.

Do you still love the idea of princesses?


*This post is in collaboration with Courage & Kind but the thoughts expressed our my own.

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