Sunday, 1 November 2015

His & his suede boots.

I love what Joules have to offer this season. After working with them for the Joules Journal, we were lucky enough to keep the products they sent for us to wear. As the clothes are so gorgeous I thought I would spend this week sharing some of them with you. I felt that Joules were so generous and supportive of us working with them that I wanted to say thank you, and what better way to do that than sharing their gorgeous products with you! Each day this week there will be a post featuring some new season bits so I hope you enjoy them and find inspiration from our photos.

I wanted to start with these most gorgeous boots. It's not often that Rob and Raphael are able to be a bit matchy-matchy, mainly because I don't dress Rob, but with these suede boots they are both able to have up-to-date autumn footwear and have a father/son lookalike.

These velcro desert boots are perfect for Raph. They are easy to get on and so incredibly soft. The kind of boot that encourages him to put them on himself as they are so easy which gives him that little bit of independence and makes him feel like a 'big boy'. 

The adult option is just as stylish. Rob looks so handsome in their men's desert boots. I hope they last for years and years as they just look fantastic. You can really feel the quality when you touch them and I love the little details Joules has added with the white stitching around the sole and the blue leather at the heal. It is always the little bits that catch my eye.

Seeing the boys run around in them during the last few weeks has really intrigued me. Something about desert boots is just so smart and on boys; they really add something to the usual jeans and jumper combinations!

It is really nice getting the boys something that is similar. You will know from some of my previous posts that I am partial to a bit of mother daughter matching so it only seems fair that the boys get involved to!

Do you ever try to match with your children?


*These products were gifted to us as part of a different project but I wanted to share them as I think they are wonderful. 

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