Thursday, 5 November 2015

Those Leopard print boots!

It is not often that one product completely changes my wardrobe. When I was given these boots there were many times I thought ''what are they actually going to go with?''. Since having them I have realised ''what are they not going to go with?'' If there is one winter fashion product that I would encourage you to buy this year it would be to spend the money and get yourself a pair of these Joules boots. I absolutely adore them. I also wear them most days! They are so soft, gorgeously comfortable and fantastically stylish. The leopard print on the back is a phenomenal idea and I just love, love, love how these look with everything. The thing about the print is that it can compliment any outfit matching in colours or style, but then it can be a complete contrast and still look amazing. 

I thought I would share 7 outfit ideas with you featuring these Westbourne Chelsea Boots and other Joules products. This is pretty much what my wardrobe looks like every week but hey, if it always looks this good I am a happy girl!
NEWS FLASH! Today, after sharing another picture of these boots on Instagram I have been informed that they have in fact sold out!! This is a big shame, but I have been told that they will be restocking next week!
I have decided to share some other styles from the Joules website also.
Equally as beautiful!


*These boots were gifted to me by Joules, I am so very thankful. All of the thoughts expressed are my own.


  1. Gorgeous boots Emily & love how you've styled them. I've enjoyed your Joules posts!

  2. Stop tempting me I'm trying really hard to save but everything you wear just seems so right up my street - I love Joules xx


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